Train Your Eye To Spot Great Compositions

Train Your Eye To Spot Great Compositions

One of the most important aspects of taking a great picture, is to spot amazing compositions. There are many rules with scientific explanations you can follow, but what it really comes down to is practice.

According to Joaquin Duenas, you need to train your eyes. Every time you’re out for a walk, look at a scene, close your eyes and try to frame it in your mind. If you open your eyes and your still amazed by the scene, you have taken the first step in mastering the art of picture composition.

Another thing that you can do, is to pick a color and start to look around for that color.  As you focus on that color, you may notice that it will start popping out from the rest of the environment.

If you want to spice your pictures up even more, why not try on of these photography techniques for beginners.

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