How To Easily Backup Memory Cards On-The-Go

How To Easily Backup Memory Cards On-The-Go

If you’ve been doing photography for a while you’ve probably noticed how quickly memory cards tend fill up. Perhaps you’ve even been in a situation where you see a perfect shot, but your memory card is full. By the time you’re ready to shoot, it’s already too late.

If the situation above sounds somewhat familiar or you’re just tired of keeping track of a lot of different memory cards, then you should consider investing in a portable photo storage device.

A portable photo storage device is an external hard drive with an LCD-screen and memory card reader, capable of transferring files from your memory card to it’s internal storage. There are several devices to choose between, but most support viewing of RAW-files, video playback, audio recording, etc. Check out the video below for a full review of one of the most popular of these devices:

You could argue that it’s better to just use a laptop as a backup station, but these devices are by far more portable and easier to use.

Anyway, you can read more about them here and also check out some more digital photography tips for beginners.

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