Easy Photography Tips For Christmas Morning

Easy Photography Tips For Christmas Morning

Jennifer Chaney just posted a great post about how to best capture the Christmas morning on camera. Here’s what she recommended:

  1. Be prepared. Make sure you have an empty memory card and  a full battery and make sure you have enough room around the tree to move around and take the pictures from the best angles.
  2. Make ’em wait. Have the kids wait a bit before running to the tree and you will have the opportunity to capture some great shots as their anticipation grows.
  3. Use your camera phone. You can quickly pull up your camera phone and take a picture in a matter of seconds, which is very useful when those magic moments rarely last longer than a few seconds. It’s also easy to instantly share the picture with family and friends through email or mms.

She also has some other great tips that is worth having a look at. But first, make sure you check out these photography tips.

What do you do on Christmas morning to get the best pictures? Show me that you’re alive and share your tips with the rest of us!

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