Digital SLR Photography Courses – What You Will Learn

If you have ever used a 35mm film photography camera before, the transition to digital SLR photography should be rather smooth. And even if you have never touched a photography camera before, this guide will teach you the basics.

The camera

There are hundreds of different digital SLR cameras out on the market today. However, the all function more or less the same way. Let’s go through the basic components of the camera.

#1 – The shutter button

This is no doubt the most important button of the camera. If you hold the camera, you should easily be able to reach it with your right index finger.

Note that you can push it down in two steps. If you push it halfway down, the camera will adjust the auto-focus, pick the settings to use based on the selected program and give you an exposure-readout in the viewfinder and LCD display.

Push it all the way down, and you will take a picture.

#2 – The viewfinder

If you hold the camera in your hands, the viewfinder should be right in front of you. Take a look through it. What you see is 95-98% of what you will shoot.

If you now push down the shutter button halfway, all important information will be displayed in the viewfinder, including shutter speed, aperture and ISO. In addition, you will also see a lighting meter that will help you get the right exposure when you expose manually.

#3 – The LCD display

If you look below the viewfinder, you will find a LCD-display. This will display all the information you find in the viewfinder, as well as some more useful information. How this information is arranged will vary depending on your camera.

Some cameras also allow you to use the LCD screen as a viewfinder. This can be useful in some cases. However, there are several reasons, which I won’t go into right now, why you should try to use the viewfinder instead.

#4 – The program selector wheel

On top of the camera, close to shutter button, you will find a wheel that you can turn to set the camera program you want to use. Depending on your camera, you may have few or many of these programs.

Don’t let it confuse you. For now, we will only use a few of these programs.

The first program you should know about is the full-auto program. This is usually indicated by a green square. When the camera uses this program, the only button you really have to worry about is the shutter button.

It works in many cases. However, one problem you will often face is that the flash pops up and ruins your pictures when you don’t want it to. The solution is to switch to the auto-no-flash-program. It is indicated by a lightning strike with a line through and works exactly the same way as the full-auto-program.

Lastly, I want to mention the manual-program, usually indicated by the letter “M”. This is the program you will use most of the time when you start to get the hang of digital SLR photography.
However, before you can go onto using the manual program, you should learn how to use the manual controls. To learn this and take your digital SLR photography skills to the next level, check out the free digital photography report today.

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