Digital Photography Tips – How To Take Great Pictures

With the advent of digital photography, it has never before been easier to take pictures. Nevertheless, taking great looking photographs can still be a challenge, and that’s why the following digital photography tips will help you tremendously.

#1 – Learn to use the light

An image with flat light often looks boring. Try to spot the shadows and get some interesting contrast in your pictures. Make sure you set the exposure correctly though; otherwise you might get underexposed shadows or burned out highlights.

#2 – Create a sense of depth and dimension

We are used to seeing the world in three dimensions. However, the camera can only see two dimensions. To make the picture look a bit more like how we see the world, you should try to add some depth and dimension to your pictures.

The easiest way to do this, is to make sure you have something in the foreground and background of your picture. Remember to lock the focus where you want it and close the aperture a bit if you want the whole picture to be in focus.

#3 – Walk around your subject

It can be tempting to just take the picture from where you currently stand. However, take a look around and examine your subject from multiple angles and pick the best one. You will nearly always get better results if you do this.

#4 – Take a look around

Many photography opportunities are missed because the photographer forgets that there is more going on around him, than what’s right in front of him.

Look down on the ground and up towards the skies. And don’t forget to look behind you.

#5 – Mix up your pictures a bit

Remember that you don’t have to always take horizontal pictures. Turn your camera and see what happens. Try to take some wide angle shots, some close-ups. Find good landscape compositions and looks for tiny details for your close-ups.

#6 – Frame the subject

Always be on the lookout for things you can use to frame your subjects. Shoot though a doorway, a window or whatever you can use to put a nice frame around your subject.

#7 – Be careful about the background

Make sure you examine the background before you take the picture. It’s not always nice with objects sticking out of the subjects head. It’s also advisable to avoid cluttered backgrounds that draw the attention away from the subject.

#8 – Fill the whole frame

Let your subject fill the whole frame. Avoid dead space that doesn’t add anything to the picture. Move in on the subject if you have to. You can also zoom in on the subject, but remember that this will alter the feeling of depth in the picture.

#9 – Always shoot in RAW

When you take a picture using jpeg, what you see on the LCD-display of your camera is what you get. If you shoot RAW however, all the information from the camera’s sensor is saved.

This means that when you load the pictures into your computer, you will be able to get a lot more information out of the highlights and the shadows in your pictures, and will be able to save an image shot with a wrong white balance.

#10 – Always keep the end result in mind

You don’t have to stop the process after you have taken the picture. Half of the fun is everything you can do with the pictures on your computer afterwards, especially if you have shot RAW as recommended in the previous tip.

Here are some ideas to what you can do:

– Make the picture black & white

– Change the color temperature of the picture to make it look as if it was taken at a different time of the day

– Add a nice color grade to the picture to give it some interesting looks

– Manipulate the picture by removing or eliminating elements of the picture (this is especially easy with the new content-aware functionality in Adobe Photoshop CS5)

#11 – Learn the basics

What you have read so far is just a few digital photography tips. To really start taking some great pictures, you should learn the basics, which is covered in the free digital photography report that you can get by clicking here.

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