7 Great Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

The road to becoming a really good photographer can be long and difficult. However, with these simple digital photography tips for beginners, the ride will be a lot smoother.

#1 – Enjoy the learning process

This is by far the most important thing I can tell you. It is critical that you enjoy the learning process. If you don’t, you will be sure to struggle. This is not an overnight process, but if you have the passion and interest, you will enjoy the process more than your achievements.

#2 – Don’t get the most expensive equipment right from the start

It’s very tempting to try to get the very best equipment right from the start. I would strongly advice against this for several reasons.

Firstly, you don’t know for sure if photography is something for you yet. Yes, it may feel very enjoyable right now. But check again in a month or two. Do you still have the same drive?

Secondly, the more expensive equipment is more difficult to use and has a steeper learning curve.

Thirdly, the pictures you take depend much more on you than the equipment you use. Getting better equipment doesn’t mean that you will get better pictures. Sometimes you will even get worse pictures since you don’t know how to use it properly.

Fourthly, you don’t know what you really need yet, since you lack experience. When you really start doing some photography and you start to miss certain camera features and accessories, it’s time to upgrade. Remember that most camera equipment pretty much keep their value if treated correctly.

#3 – Get a tripod

You don’t need a lot of camera equipment as a beginner, but one thing I really recommend you get as quickly as possible is a tripod. This is especially true if you have shaky hands or want to take pictures with longer shutter speeds.

It doesn’t have to be something fancy. Any usable tripod will pretty much always do the trick.

#4 – Always carry your camera with you

You never know when you will find an amazing photography opportunity. Nothing is more annoying than seeing the perfect motive and the camera is back at home.

In worst case scenarios, you can always use your cell phone. But it’s simply not the same.

#5 – A photo a day…

Getting in the habit of taking photos everyday will greatly improve your skills. Not only do you get to keep what you’ve learned fresh in mind, but you also get into the habit of always be on the look for a photo motive.

#6 – Learn the camera settings

You should learn what all the different settings on your camera do and how it affects your pictures. That way you can use this knowledge to create some amazing pictures and get the effects you’re looking for.

#7 – Experiment

You need to experiment as much as possible. Not only will you accidentally capture some incredible pictures, but you will also gain valuable experience that you can use in other situations.

#8 – Learn from free resources

All over the web you will find amazing free resources. Take advantage of this. For instance, you should get your free copy of the digital photography report.

#9 – Printing your pictures

Print out your best digital images and show them off in a photo book or custom calendar. A high quality printing service such as LuLu is highly recommended for best results.

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