5 Quick Tips For Awesome Photo Mini Sessions

5 Quick Tips For Awesome Photo Mini Sessions

Instead of a long photo sessions covering several locations and lasting many hours, many photographers also offer so-called “mini sessions”. It’s exactly the same, except that it’s a shorter and more limited version of a photo sessions. For instance, there might be only one location and a more limited number of shoots taken.

If you’re a professional just starting up or you’re just new to mini-sessions, here are some quick tips to get your started:

  1. One theme – ┬áKeep the sessions restricted to one specific theme.
  2. Limit the time – Set a time limit for each session. If you for instance promise 15 minutes, then stick to it. If you allow yourself to go over schedule, you will never get finished.
  3. Stage a set – Build a set ahead of time. It will speed up the process and give you better results.
  4. Limit number of finished picture to choose from – In a normal photo session, clients may be offered 20-30 images to choose from. With mini sessions, try to keep this number between 5-10 instead.
  5. Sell tokens – Create tokens from the pictures and sell them afterwards. These can often make a big impact on your profit.

You may also read the whole article on mini sessions while you keep in mind these photography tips for beginners.

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